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General information

For general information about our services please contact us:

+40 744 659 659

Events and meetingroom booking

For information about renting rooms or organising events please contact:

+40 748 659 659

Szőcs endre

Szőcs Endre

Executive Director
I'm the executive director of Xponential Transylvania. I'm entrusted with the management and operation of XANGA Group's first brownfield investment in Romania.
Fodor Attila

Fodor Attila

Office Manager
As the office manager of Xponential, I play a pivotal role in overseeing key sales activities, ensuring the smooth operation of our business. Additionally, I take charge of the maintenance of our facilities, contributing to a conducive and efficient work environment for our clients and for our team.
Tamás Endre

Tamás Endre

Marketing & PR manager
I'm Xponential's marketing specialist, PR manager and author of creative ideas. I am responsible for the communication strategy and for providing positive vibes and good mood on social media and also in the office. Of course, in many cases, my job isn't all fun and games, but I like to approach things from a positive perspective.
Nagy Kinga

Nagy Kinga

Assistant Manager
Hello, I'm the Assistant Manager at our coworking space. From scheduling appointments to assisting tenants, my goal is to create an efficient and collaborative environment for the community.
Albert-Nagy Noémi

Albert-Nagy Noémi

Event & Community Manager
Hi there! I am Noémi, and besides managing our community and clientele, and providing a pleasant atmosphere at our office, I also take care of organizing events and booking meeting rooms at Xponential.If you need any help finding the best place for your conference or any other meet-up, just let me know by accessing one of the following addresses, and we will find the right solution!