Cookie Notification

The following notification describes how we use tracking technologies (such as cookies and others that are not cookie-based, such as web beacons) on our digital platforms, what visitor information is automatically collected, and how you can accept or refuse the tracking technologies used by us.

Why do we use tracking technologies?

We use tracking technologies on our digital platforms:

  • to enable them to provide the promised functionalities to end users or operate more efficiently;
  • to ensure improved functionality of our digital platforms;
  • to provide reporting information so that we understand how visitors use our digital platforms and interact with our communications;
  • to segment our communication with you and provide a personalized experience.

What are cookies and web beacons? 

Cookies are an example of tracking technology. They take the form of small text files placed on your device when you access a digital platform, which are then used to identify your device for the purposes outlined below. Cookies installed by the owner of a digital platform are called “first-party cookies.” Cookies installed by others are called “third-party cookies.” Third-party cookies allow third parties to provide features or functionalities on or through the digital platform (such as analytical features, advertising, and video materials). Third parties installing these third-party cookies can recognize your device both when you access our digital platform and when you visit certain other digital platforms. Web beacons are small graphic data (also known as “Pixel Tags” or “Clear GIFs”) that can be included in our digital platforms and email messages and are usually used in combination with cookies to identify your device or browser and your online behavior. In particular, web beacons will not be used if you have not agreed to the use of the relevant cookie. Some of our websites and services, such as email messages, may contain electronic images called “web beacons” (also known as “one-pixel GIF,” “clear GIF,” or “pixel tag”). Web beacons allow us to count visitors who have viewed content on our websites or web pages. In email messages, web beacons allow us to count subscribers who have read them. They also enable us to develop statistical information related to the activities and features that interest you most, so we can provide you with more personalized content. We do not use web beacons to access personal data without your consent.

What information is collected by your tracking technologies? 

Can I control their use by you? We use tracking technologies to collect specific information about the devices that access (and, therefore, the visitors who use) our digital platforms. The table below outlines the types of information and how you can control whether the information is collected or not:

Type of technologyPurpose of technologyExample of use Type of information collectedHow you can control the use of information?
Strictly NecessaryProviding the digital platform and its functionalities.Ensuring correct display of content on your device.Device IP address, browser type, screen resolution.As this information is essential for the operation of the digital platform and its services, you cannot refuse its collection.
FunctionalityProviding the digital platform and its functionalities in a convenient manner.Storing your preferences and settings so you don’t have to enter them each time you change pages, such as:If you log in to a secure areaIf you select a preferred languageIf you select regional settings. Device IP address, along with preferred settings you input, such as language or region.To learn how to block functional cookies from your browser settings, click here.Note that blocking cookies may affect functionality when accessing this digital platform.To learn how to manage privacy and remember settings for Flash cookies, click here.
Performance evaluationAllows us to improve how the digital platform operates.Understanding how visitors use our platform or how it functions.However, from these technologies, we only receive anonymous information: the collected information is minimized, identifying only the region you are in, and then aggregated before being received by us.Number of visitors, location from which they access our digital platform, and how they use our digital platform (including most visited pages, website navigation, time spent on the website, error messages, etc.).You can block performance cookies from your browser settings; note that this option varies from one browser to another, so we recommend accessing your browser’s help menu. Alternatively, click here.For controlling the use of Google cookies, see below.
Targeting or AdvertisingDelivers targeted advertising to the user.Our Advertising Partners engage third parties to track and analyze, use, and collect statistical information from individuals who visit the digital platform. IP addresses and other information from web beacons (these can be on the digital platform, in email messages, or on third-party digital platforms).For detailed information on these aspects and other advertising networks and blocking instructions, click here and here.To learn how to manage privacy and remember settings for Flash cookies, click here.You can continue to receive non-interest-based advertising.

You can also control browser cookies from your browser settings.

Do you deliver targeted advertising?

Yes, we can deliver targeted advertising using cookies and other tracking technologies.

We collaborate with various advertising networks, ad servers, and analytics information companies (“Advertising Partners”) that use various tracking technologies (including cookies and web beacons) to collect data about you. This “Online Data” may include the following:

  • web pages, applications, products, and services you view and links you click when using our websites and services, as well as third-party websites;
  • email messages you view and links in those messages that you click;
  • whether you view or click on displayed ads;
  • demographic or interest data, including general geographic location;
  • offline purchase data that may be combined with online data to build a better profile of your purchase interests or preferences; and
  • search terms you enter when using various search services.

We collect this Online Data so that we and our Advertising Partners can display ads based on your interests (which are determined based on your Online Data).

With the help of our Advertising Partners, we can also display our ads on third-party digital platforms. Sometimes, these ads are based on the content of the digital platforms on which they appear. Other times, they are generated when we or one of our advertising partners correlate the ads with your interests (which, in this case, are also determined based on your Online Data).

This activity is known as interest-based advertising. Our goal is to present you with ads that are relevant to you. To achieve this, we and some of our Advertising Partners use tracking technologies (such as cookies and web beacons) to collect Online Data. Generally, Online Data is aggregated with other data to generate segments, such as user groups and specific interest categories defined by our Advertising Partners based on a variety of factors.

Additionally, we and our Advertising Partners use this Online Data for several other purposes, including (a) reporting website traffic, statistics, advertising data, and other interactions with ads and websites they are delivered on, and (b) determining the effectiveness of advertising delivered through the web and email messages.

Do you use Google Analytics or other analytical tools for the website?

This digital platform uses Google Analytics, an analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze how users use the website. The information generated by the cookie about your use of the website (including your IP address) will be transmitted to Google in the United States. Regardless of the origin of the IP address (European Union member states, other parts of the European Economic Area, or other locations), Google anonymizes the last octet of the IP address (for IPv4 addresses) or the last 80 bits (for IPv6 addresses) (a process known as “IP masking”). Google does this because we have activated the “anonymizeIP” system for all states. Ultimately, Google stores anonymized data on servers in the United States. Google uses this information on our behalf to evaluate your use of the digital platform, compile website activity reports for us, and provide other services related to website activity and internet usage in general. Google will not associate your IP address with any other information it holds.

As indicated in the table above, you can prevent Google from collecting and using information (cookies and IP addresses) by downloading and installing a browser plug-in from here.

Visit these links for additional information regarding our terms and conditions of using the Google Analytics service, external references, information provided by Google regarding data privacy and security, and Google’s privacy data notification.

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